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How is Web 2.0 Changing the World?

A nice introduction is here.

How does one build Web traffic?
Gary Vaynerchuk explains how. This is one of the best elevator speeches on branding.. Except that it is delivered from his toilet.

The 24 Minute Web 2.0 Documentary on Techcrunch

Watch it here
This is an awesome video that features many of the leaders of the Web 2.0 revolution
Many opinions from today's leaders on whether Web 2.0 is a bubble or if it is here to stay. -

The proponents say that 
-the cost of business is cheaper.($20000 or less to start a company.)
- That it is a cautious approach unlike 1.0
-It is more user friendly.
-We are working to take $$ away from Network television, says one.
-Small guys going against the big guys.
-It is about making it easier, reducing fees, producing content that can be read faster.
-Leveraging the collective wisdom of the community.
-Separation of content and infrastructure 
-Philosophy of openness.
-Communicating of users with users rather than publishers with users.
-We have more time to read blogs and write. This is making passive time to active time.
-Producer-Consumer line is disappearing.
-Fusing of sites.
-The Hype of Ajax
-Fusing of search, tools, content and community.
-Adobe's Flash and Ajax allow direct user interaction with the user.
-Using the search has now become more intuitive.
- The number of users worldwide approaches a billions
-The millennial generation now proves that its not the geeks who are early adopters.

The Naysayers
- Some say that it is slower transition than 1.0
-That it is the flavour of the month.
-The differentiation is challenging.
-Many companies are counting on being acquired
-Hiring is difficult as everyone wants to do it

Business Models

-Nickel and dimeing customers is the doom model.
-If you charge, someone will do what you do, better and sell it for free.
-Content owners realize that data is more valuable when distributed.
-Some say that it will be advertising based.
-Some think feed delivery is a channel that may work.
-You cannot force people to look at the ad.
-Viral marketing is much faster than word of mouth.
-Friendster created social networking and crushed the idea that you pay for personals.
-Content is king. Combine many and fuse them together.

-Publishers can produce better quality content than individuals even now.
-Publishers will become curators/gardners says one.
-Everyone is a publisher or consumer.
-Publishing becomes an aggregating platform.
-You have to be a good storyteller.
-In music it was the labels and not the artists, the landscape is shifting now.

Early Adopters
-The window between early and mass is shrinking
-Getting to your first million is easy says one.
-The ones who come back to use you site are most significant says one.

VC Market
-A few companies want to be acquired
-VCs pay less, but the risks are less, say some.
-The fault with 1.0 was being quick to IPO
-Many are taking the slow growth route now.
-Most use IE and FireFox.

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