The Gillette Experience and the Big game

The game on Monday night was special to me for two reasons. The University of Denver was my old Alma mater, and New England is the home of MIT, my last Alma Mater. Watching home teams of my two Alma maters at the Gillette stadium was a surreal experience.

We braved our way, sitting in miles of traffic for a few hours and then finally arrived at the Gillette parking, lot inching our way to find a spot to park. The parking lot was decked with bonfires of ardent fans, enjoying the tailgate parties. The 'aroma' of beer added to the festive spirit.

From the parking lot, we made it through a tunnel and across the street, then between a Victoria Secret Store and a Sovereign Bank, and finally, into the magnificent stadium.

The Patriots Place, the signs proudly proclaimed. The inside was grand, and the field was bright as day. Beer stations and eateries filled the stadium. that echoed the sounds of thousands of screaming fans.

The game began, and it was Patriots all the way. Taking an early lead, with a few field goals, the home team mounted the pressure on Denver. The six sacks of the Patriots quarterback, Matt Cassel were inadequate to sway the tide in Denver's favour. Cassel, aided by Welker and Moss, went on to score touchdowns and finally sealed a 41-7 win.

My dinner was a pull-pork sandwich from BBQ Blitz. It was big, delicious and filling. My seat was directly behind the goal, and was one of the better seats in the house. The giant screens high atop the stadium, made the experience even more spectacular, capturing and replaying all the significant happenings. This was one of the most memorable weekdays I've had in a while.

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