Movie Review: Eastern Promises

The king of dark plots, David Cronenberg joins forces with the talented Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts and a stellar cast to deliver a top-notch thriller, Eastern Promises. Cronenberg and Mortensen have joined forces once before, in another forgotten classic, 'A History of Violence, a film that deserves its own blog entry. 
The top stars of Eastern Promises,  Mortensen, and Watts deliver excellent performances, ably assisted by supporting actors, Vincent Cassel and Armin Mueller-Stahl. Mortensen's role fetched him an Oscar nomination for best actor.

The plot begins with two seemingly unrelated events, the death of an unknown teenager Russian girl while delivering a child and the murder of an unsuspecting customer at the hands of a barber. 

A humanitarian midwife(Watts), seeking to provide a stable home for the teenager's surviving child seeks to find a translator for the contents of the teenager's diary which may contain the mysteries surrounding the untimely death.

The midwife's efforts soon get her entwined with a  seemingly gentle Russian mob boss(Mueller-Stahl), his reckless and unstable son (Cassel) and his 

As the plot thickens, the midwife and her family are caught in a devious plot which unfolds into a superb ending. You are forewarned that this is a very intense flick intended only for mature adults. There are a few scenes of grisly violence and a scene of sexual deviance, but all these scenes are very relevant to the dark screenplay of the movie. This is a Cronenberg classic and is well worth watching.

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