Hearth & Kettle

The Hearth and Kettle restaurant in Weymouth, MA is a typical New English Inn known for its breakfasts and dinners. I decided I'd try it out on a Saturday at around noon.

Well, the decor was OK with wooden panels, and the seating area is a combination of booths and tables. The restaurant itself was a little dark for my taste. My choice of breakfast was the steak and cheese omelet and blueberry pankakes. The latter was an add-on and cost me about $1.80 more. It turned out to be the best part of the meal.

What did I think about the rest of the experience? Well, the waitress was friendly and asked if I'd return. The seating was quick, but then the place was not that crowded.

Let's talk about the breakfast. Yes, I did mention that the pancakes were good. The omlette was good, but I'd had better. The prices: well, way too expensive. The portions were adequate for my apetite but then, I could have had as good or a better breakfast elsewhere. Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed.

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