Book Review: The Coffin Dancer

Once again, Lincoln Rhymes and his beautiful cohort Amelia Sachs are on the trail of a psycho hired assassin who enjoys blowing up his victims with his ingeniously made bombs. Paraplegic Rhymes is as always, ably assisted by his high tech toys to solve such crimes.

Technology assists. For instance, it can tell Rhymes that the hair samples left at a crime scene belongs to three cats. However, it cannot go beyond this. It's Lincoln's judgement to deduce that the cats do not belong to the killer, based on his profile. The cats therefore belong to someone who is harboring the killer and that the cops must find this person before it is too late.

This is just one example of how Lincoln uses his analytical ability.

This time around, Sachs and he find themselves in a forty five hour cat and mouse game with a madman, of whom they know only one fact. He has a tattoo of a maiden dancing with the grim reaper. They also know that he is a master at covering up his tracks. Has Rhymes finally met his match?

Whether it is collecting evidence from a crime scene or the modus operandi to handle a bomb on an aircraft, Jeffrey Deaver can explain details at least as well as any other author. Coffin Dancer is a riveting page turner, with a shocking twist at the end.

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