CBC Brewery Cambridge

Whether you are attending MIT or working in the Kendall square area, you have certainly have heard of or visited the CBC.  CBC is easily one of the best microbreweries I've been to and has a wide selection of flavorful beers including the Regatta Golden and the Tall Tale Pale ale. 
I was there a few weekends ago celebrating a reunion with my SDM class. It was great to meet some of my few classmates who reside in the Boston area. Above all, the food was great. 
The Mediterranean Plate was a great way to begin dinner. The BBQ Pulled Pork  and CBC Burger were excellent main courses that followed.

If you have not visited the brewery in a year, you'll realize that the old mural on its wall that featured Ted Kennedy et al. is gone. (I used to know someone who was on that mural. He wasn't a celebrity but was an awesome programmer.) The new mural has (slightly) newer politicians(Like John Kerry) hobnobbing with  MIT students and locals(or their look-alikes).

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