Revere Beach Extravaganza

This weekend I attended the New England Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach. Life was not bliss until one made it past the torrid traffic and then survived the ordeal of finding parking for the event.

It was not exactly heaven even after you found a spot with the searing heat of 92+ striking you the moment you stepped away from the car's AC. I was lucky enough to find parking near the rotary on the Beach to get a good view of the fireworks. Well, the rest of the evening was memorable.
Besides the fireworks, there were the sand sculptures. This was the first time I had seen sand sculptures. Reading through the website I realized that the sand to make the sculptures is not from the beach but imported from places like New Hampshire. The sculptors are given 28 hours to show off their skills, spread over 4 days. Tomorrow will be the big day when someone will be crowned the sculpting champ. I guess it will make him a household name like last year's champ :).

It was a fun experience for me as it was my first time in all these years to visit the event. The ocean breeze made the heat bearable after a while. It is always fun walking in the beach pathway lined with restaurants. The crowds, the usual stalls added to the festivities of the evening.

Click here for more photos of sand sculptures

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