New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Chinatown

New Jumbo is one of Chinatown's most visible restaurants and came with high recommendations from a Chinese cabdriver. On the weekday I payed it a visit, it was not too crowded.
It's entrance has fliers boasting of its 'Best of Boston' rating and its Zagat rating.
It's decor is like most restaurants in Chinatown, with aquariums displaying live fish and eals. For dinner, I savored two dishes, the Schezwan three delight and a seafood platter. The accompanying dumplings were delicious. The first dish was great and the second, well passable. It was almost insipid with a very mild touch of flavor. Guess I'd give New Jumbo a passing grade.

New Jumbo Seafood, 5 Hudson Street, Boston, MA 02111; (617) 542-2823

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