Eric Lustbader's Ninja Series

I must confess, that I have only experienced the audio versions of these books. However, I found them extremely enjoyable. I have always been a fan of books that combine the Eastern mysticism with Western technology like Michael Crichton's Rising Sun or the Star Wars Series(The entire Jedi philosophy is merely recycled Zen Teachings). The protagonist in all these books is a half British half Japanese mystical martial artist and part owner of the Tomkin-Sato Electronics corporation,Nicolas Linear.

White Ninja

In this novel, Linear and his wife Justine are mourning the loss of their child, Nicolas has lost his mystical abilities and as a result become the 'White Ninja'. Washington is prone to a political scandal as someone has hacked into a defence computer and a killer is on the loose in Tokyo.

Can Linear recover in time to save the day? This book was a thriller from start to finish and a trifle hard to follow for a newbie like yours truly, who had not read Lusbader's earlier books in the series.The plot was fast paced, moving from the US to Tokyo and generous in action and sex even in its abridged audio version.

Floating City

Lustbader has killed off Justine in one of his earlier novels in the series. In the jungles of Vietnam is an entire city, operated by two merchants of death, Rock and Leonforte. The task of infiltrating this city and stopping these men rests on the broad shoulders of Nicolas. This book is well narrated and fast paced. I loved it.

Second Skin

Nicolas has destroyed Floating city but Mick Leonforte has survived. Lustbader portrays Leonforte as a charming bearded and vicious killer, as memorable as any other villain. He is an intellectual who worships Nietzsche and is in love with Nicolas' new woman. Has Nicolas methis match? This book marks the finale to the Linear series. Definitely worth a listen!

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