Midlet States

3 distinct phases

  • Paused:
    • Just been constructed and not yet entered startApp
    • Can be in paused state after a call to pauseApp or notifyPaused methods
    • Should hold as few resources in this state
    • Can receive asynchronous notifications like a timer firing
  • Active
    • After entry to startApp
    • moves from Paused to Active after a call to resumeRequest
    • Can allocate and hold all resources for active execution
  • Destroyed
    • After return from destroyApp or notifyDestroyed
    • Cannot reenter any other state.
    • Replaces System.exit which will throw a java.lang.SecurityException
  • Midlet states can be triggered by MIDP or requests from app.
  • All states except startApp complet after return from caller

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