Goals Requirements and Scope of J2ME

  • JHighly portable, secure, small app. dev. env.

CLDC goals
  • Lowest common denominator platform
  • targets all kinds of small connected devices
  • Device category independent.
  • Generic Connection framework
MIDP goals
  • Wireless mobile communication devices
  • Meaningful high level abstractions
  • Mask lower level network transmission protocols(GSM, TDMA. CDMA PDC)
  • Build on Generic Framework
J2ME goals
  • Extensible customizable devices
  • Dynamic delivery of apps, content
CLDC Software Requirememts:
  • Assumes os/kernel available
  • OS provides atleast one schedulable entry.
  • No need- separate address spaces/processes
MIDP Software requirements
  • Kernel/OS
  • Mechanism to R/W non-volatile memory
  • R/W access to NW
  • Mechanism to provide time-base for timestamping records written to perm. storage
  • Ability to write to bit-mapped graphical display
  • Mechanism to capture user input
Scope of CLDC
  • Java language and VM features
  • Core libraries
  • I/O
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Internationalization
Does NOT address
  • App lifecycle mgmt.
  • UI functionality
  • Event handling
  • High level app model
MIDP Scope
  • App Model
  • UI
  • Persistent Storage
  • Networking
  • Timer
MIDP 2.0
  • Sounds
  • 2D games
  • MIDLet Signing
  • end-end HTTPS security
  • App delivery and installation
  • System level APIs
  • Low level security
  • App level cryptography

  • rich dynamic interactive content from 3rd party developers, content providers
  • Secure development of dynamic content

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