The Grand Finale

Its finally over! We had our commencement on the 8th, an awesome occasion if one could overlook the searing heat. Dressed in balck with a suit underneath, I perspired with my fellow cohorts all the way from the indoor stadium all the way to Killian's court. But, Hell! it was worth it. It was great to see many of my classmates from 05 and 06 after a long time.

Charles West a former president of MIT delivered the commencement speech. Many felt that MIT could have done better. As Charles himself put it, Harvard had the two Bills (Gates and Clinton) deliver its commencement speech but all MIT got was one 'Chuck'.

West served for 14 years as MIT's president. He reminised about two emails he received while he worked in Ann Arbor, one a rejection to his application for his application for a Prof's job and another an unsolicited email from MIT asking him to be President. This was a good reason for us, aluminus to continue our MIT email, he said.

I was impressed by the two announcers who read out our names as we made our way to the podium. They made little pronuciation blunders on the most difficult of names(mine included). I was also impressed with how the organizers managed our processions to the podiums.

We had an SDM reception at the Marriot later in the day, with delicious sushi and snacks.
What a year and a half it has been. As my classmate Fernando put it, it was almost yesterday when we were all huddled in a large room in the Sloan building anxiously awaiting our turns to introduce ourselves. (Actually, it was 2006 Jan.)

The experience has been rich and rewarding. I expect that many of the friendships and professional relationships built during the SDM program will last atleast my lifetime. West and others also promised us that we will continue to reap benefits from our MIT experience. I do not doubt them.

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