Book Review: Watchmen

There is another genius in the Graphic Novel genere. His name is Alan Moore and Watchmen is one of his masterpieces. After reading about the grounbreaking changes in the Graphic Novel/comic genere I decided I'd try this one after reading numerous reviews. All the praise this one has received is indeed justified.

So far I have read this one twice and still have not found the time to go over the 'non-graphic' sections that are found between chapters of the book. Breathtaking in magnitude and plot, this book can indeed be compared to the works of Ayn Rand.

The cast includes a whole slew of superheroes and a couple of heroines who are now being targetted by an assasin. What could be his motive? While they fight crime when they have to, these people have all the internal hangups that many mere mortals like us face daily. These range from paranoia, identity crisis, dealing with or commiting adultery, unresolved issues with parents and so on. Watchmen is indeed Moore's cynical look on humakind and its follies. Brilliantly conceived, this work must be read and reread a few times to enable one to understand the motives of each character and the depth of his and her personality.

While it has all the thrills of a suspense novel, the enormity of the subjects that this book covers is simply astounding. Alan Moore is a genius in presenting pen pictures of his characters. I have read numerous books that are great at the beginning and then at the end, the plot simply falls apart. However, this is one of the few that kept me guesssing and left me breathless with its unpredictable and disturbing end. This book is recommended for one and all, comic book lover or a 'tyro reader' of comic books. Buy this one now!

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