Book Review: Sin City Book 7- Hell and Back

This is the last of the Sin City Series and is a fitting finale to the Sin City Saga. We are introduced to another Sin City hunk, an artist and former Navy Seal, Wallace. After rescuing a damsel in distress, Wallace finds himself in more trouble than he expected. Is he up to the challenge? Baby Blue eyes, an enigmatic woman we met in his previous book makes her appearence again. In his last book, Miller experimented with blue and red inks for the first time. In this final book he uses color brilliantly in one section of the book when Wallace, under the influence of drugs is hallucinating. Here again, we see the creative genius of Miller. Let's hope Rodrigues does this book justice when he translates it to screen.

I have thought of this series as the 'Thinking man's Soap Opera'. It has all the ingredients, sex and violence and great plots. This book completes the seies, unless Frank decides to revive the series. His art work is exquisite as it brings out the 'Noir' aspect of the legends of Sin City. These books sit on my shelf, allinged in order, 1 thorugh 7, spine to spine. Together the spines complete a picture of Nancy, Sin City's most beloved exortic dancer. I hope Frank decides to revive the glory days of Sin City. I cannot settle for any cheap imitator.

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