Book Review: A History of Violence

This is yet another graphic novel translated into a Hollywood movie. Having loved Sin City, I decided to try this one. Authored by John Wagner and drawn by Vince Locke, this is the story of Tom McKenna, who owns a small motel in an obscure town. When two killers threaten to cause trouble, Tom has no choice but to resort to violence. This act would land Tom in media spotlight, and Tom does not like this outcome one bit.

Then mobsters walk into town and into Tom's motel. One of them claims Tom bears a resemblance to someone else. The mob has been looking for Tom's look alike for a while. Tom bears a strong resemblance to the wanted man, and like the wanted man is missing one of his fingers.

The plot is suspenseful and fast moving while the artwork is decent. Unfortunately I read the Sin City collection and so would have to say that Wagner is still at the feet of the master, Frank Miller. It is the Noire aspect of Sin City that is strongly lacking in this story. Maybe some darker ink would have helped but well, I'm no artist. Read this one BEFORE you read a Sin City book.

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