Movie: Sin City (2005)

What a Movie! Roger Ebert called it a comic book on steroids. I wish I could put it in a better way. This is epic movie making, movie making at its finest. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller present us with a macarbe universe of black-and white where color is only usead to emphasize a point. It is a world where single bullets or sharp objects cannot kill, where only extremes in human nature exist, like the evil, the brave and the unethical with no inbetween.

The opening tale features Bruce Willis, as a retiring cop who must do one last act before he can retire. Sure enough, no good deed goes unpunished. The second tale is one of the most sadist tales ever told on screen. Sure enough, Rodriguez seeks the help of his pal, Quentin Tarantino to tell it. This tale features Micky Rorke and has resurrected Rorke's career. The third part of the trilogy is one where a group of hookers must protect their part of the town from corrupt officials. In this segment comes an unforgettable role of Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro. This movie is one of a kind and certainly not for the faint hearted.

Dont miss the interviews with Rodriguez, Tarantino and the stars of the movie. " I wanted it to be Frank Miller's Sin city, not mine", says Rodriguez. Has he succeeded! This one stays so faithful to the graphic novels.

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