Movie: Super Size Me (2004)

Michael Moore can well be the father of the 'Investigative Movie' genre. Moviemaker Morgan Spurlock takes to this theme in bringing out the ill-effects of fast food on the body and the ruthless advertising campaigns of the powerful lobbyists of the fast food industry.

Morgan embarks on a 30 day nothing-but-McDonalds diet. A reasonably healthy chap, before the diet, Morgan faces systematic destruction of his body as the days pass by. The movie is not just about him. It often segues into interviews of McDonalds customers, including children, addicts and some just 'wierd' fast food junkies.

Particularly shocking is the ease with which children who cannot recognize pictures of Christ and George Washington recognize (and get excited about) Ronald McDonalds. An animation in the movie shows the process by which Chicken Nuggets are made. I almost did the technicolor yawn. Thank God it was animated.

Obesity is second only to smoking as the cause of preventable death in America. This movie is an eye opener on the Obesity epidemic in our country.You must watch it with your kids. (Never mind the PG13 label. Your kids surely have seen far worse stuff than they could ever see in this film.) You may never see a supersized meal the same way again.

Why are heathy foods not popularized in our school system? It is because powerful food lobbies see that their own self interests are preserved. Some real good did come out of this movie. My ten-year-old daughter was taken an oath never to visit McDonalds. God, give me the strength to ensure she is successful in this mission!

Kudos to Spurlock for bringing this critical matter to the forefront!

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