Movie: An Italian Job (2003)

It has all the cliches of a typical action movie. The heist, the double cross and the quest for vendetta. It also has the stereotypical members of a group. The geek, th explosives guy, the racer, the gal and the leader. However, add a stellar star cast, crisp dialogs and we have a winner.
Mark Wahberg, Charlize Teron and Ed Norton put in great performances to add more flavor to the plot.
I loved the beginning of the movie where our heroes stage a maginifient heist in beautiful Venice. Then as one of the crew double crosses the rest, leaves them fo death and makes it big in Los Angeles, the rest escape death and plan revenge. Their vendetta trail brings them to Los Angeles, where they trace the culprit living the high life. The rest of the plot is predictable but still entertaiing. I liked the innovative touch where the geek must reroute LA's traffic but the end was a bit too tame for me. I recommend this one.

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