Lunch at Carambola Restaurant, Waltham MA

I went out for lunch to Carambola restaurant today with a collegue. It is close to work, easy to find on Main street and features a Cambodian menu. The decor is nice too. I chose 'Asian Grouper Tuk Peng Pah'. This dish came in a square conical bowl and has four long fillets in a tangy red, tasty tomato broth. The vinegar in it gave it a sweet taste while the fresh cilantro. It came with rice on the side. contributed its own flavour. My friend ordered Lamb steaks which he said was well coooked and tender. The quatities were not big but I did not have that big an appetite. Parking in mainstreet was a problem, but a side street had a large public parking spot. The lunch was not steep at all, but we did not indulge in drinks or desert.
They seem to have a lot of interesting dishes on the menu, for another day and another time.
Rajiv's View: Give this a try if you are in the area.
Carambola, 663 Main Street, Waltham MA.

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