The Wowwee Roboquad

This is one of the most versatile of Wowwee. It looks like an arachnid and walks like an arachnid but is four legs short of being an arachnid. Its body has been compared to an airport hanger and its head, perched high on its long neck can rotate  360 degrees, reminiscent of the Exorcist movie.

TheRoboquad can be controlled by his remote or from a PC, equipped with an IR transmitter running Robodance. He can move in several directions and is one of the most stable of robots in the Wowwee family. He is also a versatile dancer and puts on a fine show when you hit the demo function on the remote.

Shown below is a video of the Roboquad equipped with a webcam and controlled by Robodance to make a neat surveillance device. This video was created by Robert Oschler, the creator of Robodance.In the video we see Mr. Oschler control his Roboquad using Skype commands.

Wowwee has since created the Rovio which is customized for surveillance.

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