Savoring Flavors of Linux: DSL-N

This is another ultra-light weight Linux Distro that is a close relative of the fames DSL distro. While DSL strives to keep the distro size to under 50MB, DSL does not promise this restriction. However, as it is made by the same created by the makers of DSL, the size of DSL-n is not going to be much bigger that 50 MB.

Do not let the small size fool you. This distro can run on a 486 with 16 MB of RAM. It packs in it a a newer kernel than DSL. It has many applications, including the Mozilla suite,an internet browser, a word processor, media player. a handful of networking tools, a paint utility and much more. There are also a bunch of screen savers to choose from. DSL-n can be run off a hard drive, Live CD or from a flash drive.

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