Cloud & virtual desktops: Glide OS 3.0

The traditional desktop like a Windows PC, Mac an Linux come with browsers in them. With the coming of cloud cto upload from and download to the virtual computer. omputing, we now have desktops accessible within browsers and just days ago, Google released another model, the desktop IS the browser. For now, I'd like to look at some of the free desktops accessible within browsers.

Glide OS 3.0

This one requires a Flash 9.0 plugin and offers 5 GB on web storage. In addition to media tools, Glide offers a blogging utility, photo editing, a meeting scheduler, an email, and even web space.

Glide provides GlideHD, a media manager .One may upload or download audio, video or imae files to and from the virtual machine. There are utilities to sync files from the virtual computer to the local machine.

Further it offers a browser called Portal. Portal allows the ability to add bookmarks to quickly access websites or RSS feeds from websites. Portal also comes with a stock ticker. Interestingly, the Portal lacks the ability to import or export bookmarks.

Glide also provides premium monthly and yearly plans that provide 50GB of storage.

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