A Korean Touch to New York,New Jersey - Part 2

King Sauna
321 Commercial Ave, Between Central Blvd & Palisades Blvd

It would be hard for me not to exaggerate any of the offerings of King Sauna. To the average man, this spa is an escape from the reality of the daily grind.

Do not be fooled by the unassuming exterior of this spa. King Sauna has several floors offering variety of services. These include saunas of increasing temperature and even a cold sauna. Further the services include massages, a sports bar and a restaurant serving delicious Korean food. Try the curry rice with beef.

The decor is exquisite with chesstables, relaxing lounges, zen rock gardens, mini indoor waterfalls and giant TVs for those who want to watch a (Yankees) game. Geod stones, bamboo and indoor foliage enhance the tranquil experience. The spa also has a video gaming area and offers wifi to its customers

The men's facility in addition to lockers, has a steam sauna and four hot tubs within it. It also has a sleeping room. For the convenience of its patrons, the spa offers disposable toothpastes, razors and other toiletries to ensure a comfortable nuisance free experience

I was very impressed with how well-maintained the facility were. The shinny wooden floors were spotless and the whole place despite the intricate decor, was almost dust free. Best of all, King Sauna is very affordable for all its offerings and gives group discounts.
It is well worth your while to spend an afternoon at the venue if you are near or close to the area.

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