Michael Jordan's 23 Sports Cafe, Mohegan Sun

Michael Jordan's 23 Sports Cafe is located on the 2nd floor with many other eateries at the Mohegan Sun, one of the two famous gambling Meccas in New England.The cafe is one of your choices when you decide to take a break from the tables or the slot machines.

Ok, first the good news. The ambiance in this Sports bar is excellent. It is well lit, spacious and has many monitors that make it an ideal place to watch the big game.

Well, the compliments end there. Michael Jordan's Sports Cafe was meant to be the poor man's alternative to the elegant and elite Michael Jordan's Steak House next door.

The food is definitely not something to write home about. The Chili was solid. They might have tried to push the 'atypical' card too far. The burger I ordered was tasteless and too raw(I had ordered the burger medium rare). Then, to make matters worse, the fries were cold The waiter for his part was good, quick and courteous, but the food simply left a sour taste in my mouth. Needless to say, the meal was a disappointment.

One gets the feeling Jordan is putting all his attention on the Steak House and ignored the sports cafe.

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