Book Review: At the Stroke of Madness

This was the first time I've read a novel by Alex Kava. Once again, it is a story of a sleuth, on the trail  of a twisted serial killer.  The sleuth is Maggie O'Dell, an FBI agent, apparently a fixture in most Kava books. 

As the story begins, O'Dell comes to Connecticut to search for a missing woman at the request of  a shrink. She befriends the local sheriff and with his help finds herself at a quarry used as a dumping ground for body parts by some psychopath. The psychopath does not seem to target only the living, but also the dead. He looks for people or corpses with ailments or body imperfections and then 'removes' those ailments.

Yes, this is a macabre book and is quite graphic at times.  Unlike other crime books written by Cornwell and Deaver, this book lacks much of the forensic details that enhance the plot. O'Dell's investigation seems very amteur compared with those of Cornwell's Scarpetta or Deaver's Rhymes. The plot does move fairly smoothly but I was expecting more twists and turns. A passable read is my final verdict.

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