Restaurant:Bukhara Bistro, Jamaica Plains

Bukhara Bistro is an Indian Restaurant located in Jamaica Plains. Boston. Like most Indian restaurants, it features a buffet at a reasonable price.

The decor is cozy, but I felt the tables were placed too close to each other and could make initmate conversations difficult. The walls are nicely decorated with Rajastani Paintings on the walls and figurines of Indian deities placed around the restaurant.

The menu is standard Indian fare featured in most Indian restaurants: Palak Paneer, butter Chicken, baingan bartha, channa masala, basmati rice and so on. They also had rolled up dosas with great potato masala inside. All of the dishes were well cooked.

The roti was fresh and made to perfection. The lunch overall was decent, but, there was no single dish that really stood out as outstanding. Maybe I am simply judging them too hard. The waiters and management were nice and friendly from what I gathered, but I did not have the ample opportunity to make a judgement on the service as this was a buffet. Maybe, I will drop in for dinner sometime soon. Go ahead and give this place a try. I do not have a strong opinion on this restaurant at this time.

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