Global Warming Program on PBS

Last night a bout of insomnia had me up at 3AM and pretty soon I was in front of the box watching a PBS program on Global Warming. Alanis Morissette , another in an endless line of celebrities pushing the envelope on global warming ,was hosting the show. Here are some of the so-called effects presented in the program

  • In Antarctica, a structure of ice the size of Rhode Island melted within months in 2004.
  • Africa's snow capped Kilimanjaro's peeks show sighs of tremendous melting, year after year.
  • Tropical diseases are in the increase thanks to global warming.
  • Storms on the Atlantic are on the rise due to global warming.
  • More pollution due to automobiles, particularly in the US is causing inner cities to be hotter than surrounding areas.
  • Heat waves of poisonous gases caused increased deaths in New York City.
  • Only a few years ago an attack of the West Nile Virus first took the lives of birds and then animals. Finally, there were human fatalities.
  • With China's economy growing at a rate of 10% every year, it is poised to become the largest economy around 2050. With people buying more and more cars, it is expected to become the largest country to add to global pollution, a dubious distinction held by the US.
  • In a lawsuit filed by the government on five energy companies in New York city, even the defendants did not question the existence of global warming.
Finally, one of the so-called experts on global warming made a quotation: "It is not your grandfather's climate anymore."

Global Warming is one big item that the democrats are trying to bring to our awareness. A few months ago, talk radio host Michael Gram put forth the view that suggests that Global Warming was nothing more than an 'urban legend'.

He brought to our attention a news item which claimed that NASA made a big error in proposing that 1998 was the hottest year on record. 1934 was in fact, a little hotter. Is there any authority, without a personal or political agenda we can trust on this issue?

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