Movie Review: The Bone Collector

Hollywood has been notorious when it comes to taking a good book and ruining it on the big screen. Reading reviews of this movie on Amazon, this seems to be the case with this flick. Luckily for me, I have not read the book yet.

After enjoying a great read by Jefferey Deaver, I decided that I'd try out this movie. Denzel is awesome as Lincoln Rhymes, the paraplegic detective and is ably supported by Angelina Jolie playing Amelia Donahue. Queen Latifa plays Rhymes' good natured nurse, apparently replacing the gay nurse from the book.

Once again Rhymes is on the trail of a merciless killer in the alleys of new york, a fiend who leaves a series of clues at the crime scene. He leads the police on by mimicking older well known murders .

The movie is passable and survives because of great performances by its three main stars.

When the movie was released, it as hyped up to be a combination of Rear Window, Silence of the Lambs and Seven. The movie falls short, thanks to a shoddy screenplay and a director's failed attempt to use dark scenes to build the 'Noire' factor

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