Kittery, Maine

Ten miles south of Ogongquit, on Route 1, is the town of Kittery, the 'gateway' to Maine. It is known for its outlet stores. These it has, several. Spread across route 1 are the numerous stores, flashing signs of famous maker clothing and other merchandise. One may say that the town itself is a giant outdoor mall.

There are the usual Nikes, Reaboks, Polos, Dress Barns, Sunglass huts, Nautica, Tommys. Then for the elite among us, there are the Brooks Brothers and the Movados. A map of a certain shopping complex shows a Micasa store there, but as I looked in its direction, I saw the Nike store. There was one store called 'Wild Dogs' which was on its way south.

Kittery is an utopia for many shoppers(or window shoppers).The stores offer a lot of variety, and one may find good bargains there. Having said that, we must also bear in mind that unlike Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Maine charges a sales tax on clothes. Besides, as in my case, you may sometimes get better deals a T.J. Max or a Marshalls.

If you are in Maine, Kittery is worth the visit, at least for the experience and its restaurants.
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