Dexter is Sinister

One of the best shows to make it to the small screen is Dexter. I love downloading episodes of the show from Amazon's UBox and watching them on the flat screen.(I love the original versions more than the watered-down censored reruns that come on CBS) The picture is crystal clear and the show is fabulous.

Dexter is the latin word for the right hand. In English, it means skillfull and talented. The latin word for the left hand is sinister. Dexter is infact very sinister. He feels the urge to kill, maim and dismember his victims. Luckily, for most of us, he channels his urges to hunt those like him, serial killers. While the plot seems cheesy, especially from the way I put it, the crisp screenplay and the unforgettable characters make the shows special.

'Neither of us is in control of our actions, though for the time being, it may seem that I have the upper hand', Dexter tells one of his victims.
For a living, Dexter has chosen a profession close to his heart. He is a blood spatter expert, responsible for detecting how a homicide was committed by analyzing the pattern of blood residue at the crime scene. To fit into humanity, Dexter dates a recovering victim of abuse who has problems of her own.In the first season, Dexter had to match wits with his dopleganger who is as ruthless and persistent as Dexter himself. That is not all, his opponent is dating Dexter's fostersibling. The following season, the police are on the trail of the 'Bay Harbor Butcher' a killer who buries his victims at the bottom of the ocean. There is a problem. The Butcher is none other than the protagonist. This time there is a expert cop on his trail and once again his sister is in love with Dexter' s pursuer. What makes Dexter interesting is the multitude of issues each individual on the show must deal with. In many ways, Dexter reminds me of Woody Allen's movies where each character has his or her own personal shrink. After a hard day of work, there are few things as relaxing as sitting in my room and tuning into a racy, bloody episode of Dexter.

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