Movie Review: The Ruins

This is a forgettable movie from a decent book. Not that it is bad, but it is simply not big screen material and simply belongs to the HBO/Showtime category. The screenplay is a fairly good adaptation of the book and includes almost all the major events of a book, a few less characters and a few switched roles.

The fear element is present but the movie does not have the theatrical elements to deserve the big screen. Having covered the synopsis of the plot, I'll spare you the agony of going over it again. I just wanted to make a point about the title here.

When one says Ruins, my mind drifts to buried cities, palaces, forts, temples antiques extracted from the earth, mummies and the like. The site of the terror in the movie is a hill with a huge pit/well. My expectations on the situation and the fear factor were a bit dashed by how this story unfolds. This movie is not worth the price of a rental. Rent something else if you can.

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