Book Review: Beach Road

Yes, this is not the most recent of Patterson's work but I could not pass a bargain at 'The Borders' book store.

This is a decent thriller from Patterson and De Jong but as many have already said, too improbable to happen in 'real life'.

Poor Tom Dunleavy. He is still mourning the loss of a former flame Kate. His professional basketball career has cometo an abrupt end and his present career as a lawyer is at a dead end. He does still get to play basketball sometimes, with a clique of black and white kids on a court, on Beach Road, a street in the elite Hampton neighbourhood in New York.

Then Tom's fate seems to get a 'jump-start' of sorts. Four of his ball playing buddies are killed, execution style, his favorite black kid, Dante is the prime suspect and Tom is of the belief that he can save his buddy from his death sentence and entice his girlfriend into working with him and even win her back.

There is of course the court trial, which would pale in comparison to any of those found in Grisham novels.Then there is the much hyped 'twist' at the end. As I was reading the amazon reviews, that there was this twist at the end and that it comes after the verdict has been passed in the trial, I could guess what it was.

The book has a few other main characters besides Tom, Kate and Dante. The book's story is told from the perspective of a handful of these main characters, which enhances the plot. However, as with most bestsellers, it will not go down as a memorable piece of literature and its copies (like the one I bought) will end up in the backshelves of a few libraries with the passage of time.

My verdict: passable and forgettable.

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