The Power of Now

Now is all there is. Now is instantaneous and timeless. Look past now, and life will be all suffering. This is Eckhart Toole's central message in the 'prequel' to 'A New Earth'. In my opinion, this is a better book than its successor. Maybe because it appealed to me on a very personal level, maybe because I picked it up at this stage in my life, I had several 'a-ha' experiences with this book.

Years ago, in 'Sky's the Limit' Wayne Dyer put forth the notion that there is no word to describe 'present moment awareness', what the Japanese refer to as the Zen state. Eckhart talks about Presence, Being, the futility about worrying about the past and the absurdity of regretting about the past. He speaks of the necessity of focusing on the body and being alive and present to the unfolding of the now. We know then that there are no problems, just different situations that arise 'Now'.

As Tolle pointed out in the introduction, Time magazine refers to the material of this book as 'Mumbo-Jumbo'. While this may be a strong statement, I found some parts of the book like the soul's immortality to be the garden variety New age philosophy found in many 'spiritual' books today. Having said that, I still consider this one of the better books in its genre.

Wayne Dyer has wrote about cultivating the witness, but Tolle's message goes beyond and tells us that mere observation of ourselves and our bodies is a panacea to most of life's ills. Tolle then goes on to describe the undescribable,-silence, time and space and the fact that neither would exist without references. He challenges us to bring our awareness to these. Tolle also suggests ways to use awareness to solve crisis in realtionships.

Barely 236 pages long, this book is another reminder that big messages can sometimes come in the smallest of packages.

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