Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

For the first time, I attended the Phantom Gourmet Annual Barbecue Party at City Hall. A $10 entrance fee got you in to see the music performances or to lay on the 'beach'. The food was unfortunately excluded from the entrance fee.

Ten of the world's best barbecue and ribs providers were showcased in the event.
My apetite allowed me to sample only two of them. At Butch's I tried the pull pork sandwich, their ribs and their trademark spicy sauces.

At the Australian BBQ team booth I tried the shrimp on the barbie and their ribs. They had a special raspberry and chipole sauce. They also had a sicy sauce which was simply dynamite. I loved everything I tried. The ribs were easily the best I'd had.

The featured performances of the evening included a good solo performance by Charlie Ferren, an excellent performance by Danny Klein's full house and a grand finale by Ernie and the Automatics. All-in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.

My one pet peeve was that they charged me $4 for a diet cola(It was neither Pepsi nor Coke.)

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