AudioBook: The Last Juror

The Last Juror
The Last Juror

Format: Compact Disc Pub. Date: February 2004
This is a typical classic Legal Thriller from Grisham. As with several of Grisham's books, this book's plot is set in Clanton Mississippi. The tale is narrated from the perspective of Willy Traynor who comes as a youngster to Clanton in Ford County in 1970 and buys himself a newspaper publishing bussiness. The business is heading downhill until a young widow is brutally raped and murdered by Danny Paggitt, a scion of a notorious family that has tremondous influence in the area and has a hand in several illegal businesses.
Willy reports this news, sees his Newspaper business thrive, but must deal with threats and warnings from the Paggits.
When the trial begins, Willy is a witness for the prosecution. The Jury sentences Danny for a life sentence. This is where Grisham introduces the twist. A life sentence in Missippi means a decade, maybe less. Danny is out in eight years and seeks revenge for his sentencing. Extremely well performed by Michael Beck, it makes for an enjoyable road trip.

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