Wenger Swiss Army Products

I've always been a big fan of Wenger Swiss army products. I carried a cool blue Wenger backpack all through MIT and loved it. It was rugged and suited all my needs. I wear Wenger belts carry Wenger luggage on travel. Most of their products like evrything else these days are made in China and come with a lifetime warranty.

Last year, I bought a laptop case.It wore out, probably because of my repeated abuse. So after hanging on to it several months, I sent an email from Wenger's website. explaining my problem. Guess what, they replied saying that I could either send them the back or photograph it and its defects and email it to them for a replacement. In moments it was over. Soon my replacement will be here.

Thats customer service for you. I respect Wenger even more. Wenger rocks! They now have a customer for life.

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