The World is Flat - 2

3 .Open Sourcing: The rise of Apache as a competitor for IBM, Microsoft and other web servers marked the beginning of the Open Source movement. The motivation for Open Source comes for a variety of reasons including creating something that does not exist in the market place or to get credit for going toe to toe with the big guys. The genesis of OS can be traced back to academia. Academics were the earliest pioneers of collaborating and sharing information.

Then came along CVS and then Apache. IBM built Websphere on top of Apache.

Today about 66% on all websites use Apache.
4. Outsourcing Y2K: Modern India did one thing well. It educated a large percent of its elite in Science and Technology. The US got to buy India's brainpower. In the late 90s India's fortunes grew due to development of Fiber Optics and the Y2K problems. It strengthened relationships between India and the US.

5.Y2k was followed by a boom in eCommerce. The dot com bust helped India gain more employment for its educated engineers.IT companies in the US had to find cheaper labor in India.

6. Offshoring: China was now playing in the same field as other economic powers. By joining the WTO, China was moving quickly. Offshoring is different from outsourcing. It involves porting an entire factory to another place. Offshoring to China meant lesser costs for organizations. This also meant that foreign companies could sell to anyone, anywhere in China. China could produce workers of varying skill levels and has become the most popular place to offshore companies.

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