Five Guys

A business trip took me to Reston VA, last week. With a some to spare at the Dulles, Washington
airport, I decided to try the famed cheeese burger from Five Guys, the burger guys hailed as the Willy Wonkas of burger craft. I was very impressed.

The buns were untoasted. The patty was huge and handcut, unlike the machine cut slim ones
from the fast food chains. The burger was delicious, juicy and flavorful and all the hype was not in vain.

As I was just there for one night, I do not have much to say about Reston. From what my collegues tell me, Reston by itself has very little to offer, but it does border Washington DC, the happening place. Apparently, this was the Cherry Blossom week, but my schedule did not let me see it. Maybe some other time.

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