High School Musical: The Ice Tours

Last night, we witnessed this musical and visual extravaganza at the TD Banknorth Garden. A spinoff from one of Disney's most successful movies the show lived up to its reputation, featuring magnificent sets, spectacular lighting, a killer soundtrack and dexterous skaters.

For someone like me , who has not seen the movie or its sequel the show was short and sweet. In less than a few hours I was aware of the storyline and the characters of the plot.

Though not of the caliber of Grease either in storyline, soundtrack or in the strength of its personalities, high school musical is a light hearted story of two young people, Troy and Gabriella who stand up to their peers and refuse to adjust to the status quo.

Troy, a basketball star and Gabriella, a math and science geek decide to audition for their high school musical despite the challenges of peer pressure, maintaining their respective schedule and a pair of jealous classmates Sharpay and Ryan. No points for guessing on how this one ends.

The second part of the show featured High School Musical 2. (Great deal, two for the price of one) This sequel has the protagonists working at a spa during the summer break, and trying to audition for a musical at the spa. Once again they must handle the usual flies in the ointment, Sharpay and Ryan.

As mentioned, Troy is no Danny and Gabriella is no Sandy. One noteworthy part of th script is that while Sandy has to become more trendy to win Danny's heart, Troy and Gabriella simply have to be themselves.

As far as performances go, the acting was acceptable but the skating was mesmerizing. All the sequences were excellently choreographed, with the lighting and music perfectly synchronized for each scene. One noteworthy solo performance was from the young man playing Troy, lamenting his misunderstanding with Gabriella. It featured an awesome somersault and a triple toe jump that was close to perfection. Some duets by the lead pair and by Sharpay and Ryan were memorable too.

I was also impressed with how new sets were created and taken down, some in a matter of minutes. This show is recommended for everyone.

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