Movie Review: The Last King of Scotland

As a yound boy, I heard numerous tales on the atrocities of Amin. I was thus extremely keen on wathcing this movie. I was not disappointed.
This is easily one of the most memorable movies I've seen. The Oscar winning performance from Forest Whitekar is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The story revolves around the life of a young Scotish doctor, who goes to Uganda chasing his dream of serving the needy. In Uganda, the doctor meets Idi Amin, the newly elect charismatic leader of Uganda and is impressed by the leader's personality.

As the plot unfolds, the doctor realizes that there is a whole lot to Amin than meets the eye. Amin and his notorious ways are slowly made known, both to the auidence and to the doctor. The latter must flee Uganda if he is to escape alive.

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