A weekend in Toronto-5

This is a winery, right next to the Niagra. The tour and tourguide were excellent, weell worth the $5(Canadian). The wines were great. The tour was infromative too.
I learnt that it is not always the color of the grape that determines the color of the wine. It is a question of seperating the pulp in the grape from the skin. For white wine making, care must be taken that the pulp is separated from both the skin and the seeds. If seeds get crushed and mixed in the wine, the wine could be bitter. However, it is OK for crushed seeds to be included while making read wines as they do incorporate a slight bitter taste.

We also learnt a lot of wine tasting tips. One was to use the first sip of wine as a mouthwash to mask the taste of anything eaten before the tasting. It is the second sip that counts.

We were told to look at out glass with a pure white background to ensure that our wines were not cloudy. If the wine is cloudy, use a coffee filter to filter the wine.

Another tip was to hold on to our nose and then to swallow the wine. Doing so raises our tasting ability to test subtle flavors in the wine. We also tried some iced wine. They are wines made from grapes that are frozen and are sweeter than typical wines.

All in all, this was an awesome experience.

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