Forrester's Lecture Notes Concluded

Kindergarten to 12th Grade Initiative(
There is a new initiative to teach kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. It is going as well as pioneering things go. Teachers appear intererested. People realize that SD is applicable to almost any subject including Science, Social Science, Biology, and even the Psychological dynamics to the charcters in Hamlet.(You could have another murderer just by changing a few parameters. )

This is a paradign shift in learning as it is learning about learning. Problems come before solutions. Students are challenged with subjects their teachers know little about. "I've got much better in dealing with my mom." , said one student. Classes look like university labs.

Other Initiatives
One initiative was to model the population explosion in China. "Go away, I dont't need to know that!" ,said a Chinese delegate who saw the results of the modelling.

SD is a generic and universal Science. If you understand the structure of one system, you can understand another. SD establishes mobility between fields and can cover large settings.

Complex Systems
The main premise of SD is that cause and effect are not related in time or space. Systems sometimes show what you seem to expect. This gives us low leverage on systems. Our thought process about family, city or environment systems is embedded in our psyche .
SD gives us the tradeoffs between our long term and short term decisions.
Any policy that may be great for the short term may have dire long term consequences.One such case is Credit Card debt.
Short term advantages have had severe consequences in agriculture and in public health.

Ineffective Policies
98% of Polices have no ability to produce change. Systems have a way on compensating for the changes you make. You can make changes to a system without the system responding negaitively. Decisions made without the big picture are usually trigger a change in the wrong direction

  • We blame others for our own errors - customers, competitors and bankers.
  • We transfer the problem to other sectors

More parking garages => More Highways => More office Space=>Less parking spaces.

  • We transfer the burden to the intervener (Example: Iraq)

SD can model and give more insights into the arms race, the federal reserve an drinking and blood alcohol.

The past frontiers:

  • Establishing nations
  • Explore the earth
  • Exploiting Science and Technology

The future:

  • Understanding Social and Economic Systems

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