Surviving Hell Week

This has indeed been Hell week, even by summer term standards.
Our workload included:
Two supply chain cases
Two System Dynamics Assignments
Three Systems Engineering papers
One accounting assignment
One accounting exam (This was changed to a take home, Thank God and Joe!)

Today was particularly bad, with eight hours of class and three due submissions.
The sad part is that, it is not yet over. We still have to complete a Systems Engineering paper for tomorrow's 8:30 class. On Friday, we get to 'take the take home'. I am still alive.(barely)

Death and Taxes
In the system dynamics class, Brad covered the "Predicament of Humankind". He said that the world would end in the next 100 years, from pollution. He even proved it with Stock and flow diagrams. Next came Joe's class, when he covered corporate taxes. Poor Joe. He did all he could to cheer us up. He even cut short his lecture by an hour. Too little, too late. His was the last class of the day.

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