Summer Term

Three days! All of us are already burried in a deluge of work.

Systems Engineering or Engineering Systems?

For Systems Engineering, we had to submit two papers even before class started. One of the papers described all we needed to know (and more) on Engineering Systems (Not to be confused with Systems Engineering). Words like holistic and lifecycle appeared many many times on this paper.

The class itself was interesting. A slide with the Pyramids of Egypt raised a few offbeat statements. Luis pointed out that the Pyramids exemplified life-cycle management and beyond...

Professor Moses, one of the elite faculty that teaches the course, made a few allusions to his Biblical namesake having problems with the pyramids. Then there was a history lessons and trivia on where it all began.(Someone may find all this interesting.)

  • Plato's Republic describes a society that was pyramid shaped.
  • His student Aristotle's logic and Physics on the other hand, was based on Tree models
  • Jethro described a tree hierarchical society to Moses who used it to model his society 800 years before Plato.
  • Moses did not think this up himself, because his mental model was all pyramid based.
  • Most of modern Math comes from abstraction, not logic
  • (I must ask him more about this one) The Japanese organized manufacturing based on a Feudal model to defeat the American Auto industry.
  • Adam smith viewed Britain as a network of shopkeepers
  • Finally, there are no laws in Engineering similar to Newton's laws.

The next paper enlightened me. It was titled "Why Smart People can't learn", or something like that. The answer, in a nutshell is because they use the single loop learning and the solution was to work with them on using the double loop strategy. To find out about more about this, visit the author's site.

Our next reading is about the axioms and theorms of Engineering. Will blog about the other courses later.

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