The Summer of 2006

Like most full-time SDMers I am a glutton for punishment. I've signed up for four courses this summer, Systems Engineering, Supply Chain, Financial Accounting and System Dynamics.

Systems Engineering: Well, we write papers for each class, sometimes one, but mostly two.

Supply Chain: This is a great class that keeps me awake every Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 12.David Simchi-Levi is a great teacher. The cases are quite challenging. I like the complementary breakfasts too.

Financial Accounting: Can anyone breathe life into a dry, dead subject? Yes. Professor Joseph Weber a.k.a Joe can. The guy can keep us interested by doing whatever it takes to entertain. He mostly picks on Mo but sometimes makes wisecracks on his wife. His anecdotes make facts easy to remember.

System Dynamics: Prof Brad Morrison began the class telling us that there are two ways to get a bad grade in this class. One way is to call the course it 'Systems Dynamics' and the other is to call him Professor or Dr. Morrison.

This course is by far, 'the dark horse of the summer'. Brad is an awesome teacher and the subject itself, true to its name throbs with energy. Look at all the factors that affect a complex system. If you don't, the consequences can be disastrous. Pay special attention to the causes of policy resistance. That's the central theme of this course. System Dynamics attempts to model the behavior of complex systems.

Thats the story in a nutshell. It promises to be a long brutal summer.

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