Platform Innovations, New Markets and Enterprise Growth

Disruptive Technologies: Guest Lecturer Marc Meyer

A Platform

* is not a product line architecture

* It is the SUBSYSTEM -not at the architecture level but at the system level.

Systems have

* product families

* product architectures

* robust multifaceted interfaces

* a set of constraints

* a scalable subsystem design

However it may be the packaging which adds value to the customer. Eg: Automobile Manufacturers can retain the same engines and powertrains between models. They may only change the interior or exterior styling.

* System builders must focus on building simple but powerful interface between one subsystem and the next.

* Software is unorganized compared to physical products.


* Boeing used 3 different cockpits from 3 different certified groups for 3 diiferent aeroplane models.

* Airbus used the same cockpit built by the same group.

* The new Boeing project was to replace the 4-5 architectures with a single architecture.

Huggies and Pampers

* Huggies made by Kimberly Clark was winning the diaper war.

* Pampers used an absorbent material and in 8 years came up with a better diaper in 100+ plants and was able to maufacture 1000 diapers per minute.


* Stores exhibit the newest brand and move the old one to the basement. Rigid used this strategy to outsell Black and Decker.


* The platform is in interfaces

* Interfaces get messy.

Enterprize Growth- New book by speaker

* Leverage technology to new market applications

* Find new target users to leverage a company's products.

* His goal is to address challenges in consumer companies

1. Concovia -Blood vessel opening effect.

2. My M&Ms

- Online only- bad idea

- Has a language filter

- Uses colorworks printshop

- One of 50 Best New products

-Doubled the price and sales went through the roof.

3. Snickers marathon bar- threatened Nestle


* Look for points of pain and points of pleasure during the product manufacture process.

* Find areas of use not conceived before.

* Before specialization, find the target population and get use case scenerios

* Persona -> How a person lives

User Needs/Frustrations->Add features to a presssing issue->Design features and build.

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