I finally got to see this flick on the small screen. The kids in India, but the theatre-going mindset is not yet within my comfort zone. Anyway, the premise of this one is not new. In fact many of us are familiar with the events that this film is based on.

It is the Munich Olympics of 1972. As the world watches a group of terrorists hold hostage and then execute eleven Israeli atheletes and then makes a getaway. Infact most of the members of Black September, the terrorist group, dont even bother going into hiding.

The Israeli government allegedly under orders from Golda Meyer herself, enlists a team of commandos to inflict its deadly vendetta on Black September. This movie could easily have been a typical action movie with gunfights and car chases. However, thanks to the genius of Spielberg, it focusses more on the 'team dynamics' of the elite commando squad and the agony they must go through to get the job done.

The head of the group, Avner (played by Eric Bana) is a young father, forced to separate from his family until the duration of this mission. (Except for the young father bit, this seems very close to home.) The team itself is unsure of who it should trust. It is also under constant pressure from the Israeli government officials that tries to control the execution of this venture. The movie is gripping but the end kept me asking for more. Maybe its because most movies bring some sort of hard closure to their plots. Though the endnotes of the movie tells us what happened subsequently, I would hev like d to 'see' it happen.

"This is not a documentary," admits Spielberg, though this movie is not completely uncommercial and does pack some high voltage drama. However, it is yet another Spielberg masterpiece and a 'world apart' from his recent monstrosity, 'The War to the Worlds'.

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