T'was a Day to Remember

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days in this SDM experience. (Its past midnight now and I'm too excited to turn in.) As the curtains fell on our Product Design and Development(PDD) class, teams of us exhibited the fruits of our labor. The products included a designer grocery bag, a 'weight lifter' drink holder, a rain protecter,a 'one hand operable' grocery bag and a dirtbike loader.One real memorable part of the session was an informercial where Nick does a neat Foxtrot with his new designer grocery bag.

Our team showcased a software product. There are several reasons why we feel proud of our creation. First we watched our dilligence pay off. Secondly, after a drought of two years, a software product has re-emerged as a possibility in this program.(They were prohibited in last year's PDD class.) We are optimistic about the possibility of taking our product to the next level. All in all, it was a day of creativity, profesional presentaions, fun and laughter.

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