RFID, a Disruptive Technology?

In the Disruptive Technology glass, Reagan Wong and Jim Casey did a good presentation on their investigation of RFID. 'This is a 2 sided industry, involving the sellers and the buyers.' explained Reagan.
The short story is that RFID is not disruptive. RFID is a process enabler. It is only a component in a business architecture. It does not show the Christensen effect. Pay Pal offers an alternative to Credit Card. Cell phones are ubiquitous. RFID is not complementary with existing readers . This means there are switching costs. RFID also brings with it health issues, privacy concerns and the fear of Big Brother's watchful eyes.

A new payment scheme outside of existing mechanisms is needed for disruption, they said. There must be no need to use cards at terminals and no need for signing. There must be contactless payment. Kids now pay mostly with cash. The new technology must seek a solution for kids to safely make payments.

Professor Utterback said later that most breakins from professional thieves are for stealing identity. (Only an amteur steals electronics. ) If we could get rid of all the paperwork vestiges from our transactions, the world would be a better place.

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