Lean, mean...

Pop quiz: Which of the two enterprizes shown is leaner? In today's Thesis Seminar class, Prof. Oehmen presented a talk on Enterprize Lean Product Development Research. He spoke of the Lean Aerospace initiative, a 12 year consortium comprizes of several ventures,Nasa, army and navy.

I was one of the 2 people in class who correctly chose B. (ignoring the seduction to conform). An example of a company of type A is the Airforce. An example of a type B company is Toyota.

This was an interesting talk. He spoke of the types of waste, time-value charts, value stream mapping and measuring performance through metrics like profit, Quality and R&D.

Why is B lean? It has to do with product derivatives and streams of products.He also briefly covered Product portfolios vs Technology startegy and the risk/reward bubble diagram.
What causes waste?
Defective information, reworking, 'rotting' of information, etc.
How can one prevent waste?
-By cuting out information buffers
-Decide on the owner of an idea and ensure that it never goes into storage.
-One engineer is responsible for the information accuracy of an idea until it chnages hands.
-Reduce project cycles
-Focus on a small number of projects.
Lots of potential thesis topics here.

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